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Table 1 Previous individual reports of GBM-associated alternative splicing

From: Global analysis of aberrant pre-mRNA splicing in glioblastoma using exon expression arrays

Gene Ontology Process Genes
Cell Growth/Apoptosis CDKN2B, FGFR1, MDM2, MIA, NF1, RSU-1, TP73
Cell Mobility/Cell Adhesion CALD1, CD44, CRK, FN1, MAP2, ADAM22, PECAM1, TNC
Transport CACNA1G, CYP27B1, SLC1A2, KCNMA1
Transcription MAX, RFX4, TCF4
Other FLJ12438, NRP1, SEMA6B/HAS, SR2c
  1. See Additional file 1 for references