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Figure 3

From: Validation of oligoarrays for quantitative exploration of the transcriptome

Figure 3

Comparison of transcript concentrations measured in adult mouse retina with oligoarrays and MPSS (A), oligoarrays and SAGE (B), and MPSS and SAGE (C). Data for 1,777 overlapping genes are shown on a logarithmic scale. Each dot represents the data of a single gene. The Pearson product moment correlation coefficients, r, are indicated (p < 0.0001 for all). The corresponding coefficients based on the log transformed data were 0.46 (A), 0.48 (B), and 0.48 (C) (p < 0.0001 for all). The 40 transcripts in common for all three technologies among two subsets of 100 genes each, one with the highest and another with the lowest transcript concentrations, are indicated by red dots. The correlation coefficient of the 35 transcripts with the highest concentrations were 0.49, p = 0.003 (A), 0.41, p = 0.01 (B), 0.22, p = 0.2 (C). Analysis of log transformed data showed correlation coefficients of 0.51, p = 0.002 (A), 0.45, p = 0.007 (B), and 0.30, p = 0.08. Number of transcripts per cell for these genes is listed in Table 2.

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