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Figure 9

From: The Hypocrea jecorina (Trichoderma reesei) hypercellulolytic mutant RUT C30 lacks a 85 kb (29 gene-encoding) region of the wild-type genome

Figure 9

Analysis of cre1 in H. jecorina RUT C30, NG 14 and QM9414 by PCR. Primers (given in table 1) used for ' cre1 (full length)' were designed to form a PCR product (2.9 kb) only if the full length version of the gene is present but no PCR product for the truncated cre1 version detected in strain RUT C30. For 'cre1 (truncated)' the reverse primer was localized downstream of the cre1 gene, resulting in the formation of a 1.9 kb PCR product if a truncated cre1 gene was present in the genome and a 4.4 kb fragment if for full-length cre1. R indicates strain RUT C30, N strain NG 14 and Q strain QM9414.

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