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Table 1 Selected significantly affected genes with known functions.

From: Gene expression patterns of sulfur starvation in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Cluster Selected constituent genes
1 slr1933(rfbC), sll0398(dgt), slr1224(malK)
2 sll0336(accD), sll1129(todF), sll0535(clpX)
4 Phycobilisome degradation protein NblA (ssl0452 and ssl0453), sll1869(cbaB), Sulfate transport system (slr1452(sbpA), slr1453(cysT), slr1454(cysW), slr1455(cysA))
6 sll1165(mutS), slr1511(fabH), sll1076(ziaA)
7 sll0306(rpoD), slr0074(ycf24)
9 sll1459, sll1621, slr0143, slr1041, slr0537, sll0856(rpoE), slr0853(rimI) CO2 fixation slr0436(ccmK), Soluble electron carriers sll1245(cytM)
10 sll1958(hisC), slr1129(rne), slr0918(pepM)
11 ssl0546(minE), sll1635
12 sll1363(ilvC), slr1756(glnA), slr0623(trxA), slr1622(ppa), sll1070(tktA) ATP synthase (sll1321(atp1), sll1322(atpI), sll1324(atpF), sll1325(atpD), sll1326(atpA), slr1329(atpB), ssl2615(atpH)), CO2 fixation (sll1028(ccmK), slr0009(rbcL)), Cytochrome b6/f complex (sll1317(petA), slr0342(petB)), Translation (sll0517(rbpA), sll1098(fus)), Ribosomal proteins (sll1744 (rpl1), sll1746 (rpl12), sll1807 (rpl24), sll1808 (rpl5), sll1809 (rps8), sll1810 (rpl6), sll1813 (rpl15), ssl1426 (rpl35))
13 RNA polymerase subunits (sll1787(rpoB), sll1789(rpoC2), sll1818(rpoA)), Translation (sll1820(truA), sll1099(tufA), Ribosomal proteins (sll0767(rpl20), sll1745(rpl10), sll1799(rpl3), sll1801(rpl23), sll1802(rpl2), sll1803(rpl22), sll1804(rpl3), sll1805(rpl16), sll1806(rpl14), sll1812(rps5), sll1817(rps11), sll1819(rpl17), sll1821(rpl13), sll1822(rps9), ssl0601(rps21), ssl3432(rps19), ssl3436(rpl29))
14 Translation (ssr1480, ssl3441 (infA), Ribosomal protein ssr2799 (rpl27))
15 sll1184(ho1), slr0444(aroA), slr1176(agp), sll0807(cfxE), slr1545(rpoE), Cytochrome b6/f complex subunit smr0003(petM), Photosystem I (smr0005(psaM), ssl0563(psaC)), Photosystem II (sll1867(psbA3), sml0001(psbI), sml0002(psbX), sml0005(psbK), smr0001(psbT), smr0007(psbL), smr0008(psbJ), ssl2598(psbH)), Phycobilisome (sll1578(cpcA), slr2051(apcG))
16 sll1626(lexA), slr0165(clpP), sll0947(lrtA), CO2 fixation slr0012(rbcS), Cytochrome b6/f complex slr0343(petD), Photosystem I (sll0819(psaF), slr0737(psaD), slr1655(psaL), slr1834(psaA), slr1835(psaB), sml0008(psaJ)), Photosystem II (sll0258(psbV), sll0427(psbO), sll0849(psbD), sll0851(psbC), slr0906(psbB), slr0927(psbD2), slr1311(psbA2), smr0006(psbF), ssr3451(psbE)), Phycobilisome (sll1577(cpcB), sll1579(cpcC), slr0335(apcE), slr1459(apcF), slr1986(apcB), slr2067(apcA), ssr3383(apcC)), Soluble electron carriers (sll0199(petE), ssl0020(petF))
18 slr1562(grxC), sll0018(cbbA)
19 slr0164(clpP), Cytochrome b6/f complex slr1185(petC), slr1828(petF), Ribosomal proteins (sll1816(rps13), slr1984(rps1), sml0006(rpl36), ssl3437(rps17), ssl3445(rpl31), ssr0482(rps16))
20 slr2075(groES), Ribosomal proteins (sll1824, slr0628(rps14), ssl2233(rps20))
  1. The differentially expressed genes in Synechocystis sulfate deprivation time course were identified and clustered according to Figure 2. The complete list, with annotations (gene descriptions and functional categories) and mean fold change for each time-point comparison, is available [see Additional file 3].