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Table 1 Average structural branchpoint distances for the wildtype (wt) RPS17B intron and Libri et al.'s [8] intron mutants.

From: Correlation between the secondary structure of pre-mRNA introns and the efficiency of splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

mutant average d s splicing efficiency
wt 26.67 efficient (1)
3mUB1 27.67 slightly reduced (2)
5mUB1 28.42 slightly reduced (2)
8mUB1 27.94 efficient (1)
3mDB1 37.55 inhibited (4)
5mDB1 39.19 inhibited(4)
3mUB1_3mDB1 37.44 inhibited (4)
5mUB1_5mDB1 33.81 slightly reduced (2)
6mUB1 46.31 inhibited (4)
4mUB1 32.08 reduced (3)
  1. Levels of splicing efficiency were approximated from the gel images in Figure 2A in [8]. The numbers within parentheses correspond to numerical values assigned to descriptive splicing efficiency labels.