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Table 4 Differentially expressed genes involved in lipid metabolism in artesunate-treated cells

From: Dynamic RNA profiling in Plasmodium falciparum synchronized blood stages exposed to lethal doses of artesunate

Gene ID Description ART 90 min ART 3 h HS CQ
MAL13P1.485 acyl-coa ligase antigen   0,94   
PFB0685c acyl-CoA synthetase, PfACS9   0,83   
PFB0695c acyl-CoA synthetase 0,88 1,02 +  
PF14_0761 fatty acyl CoA synthetase 1 PfACS1   0,99   
PF14_0664 biotin carboxylase subunit of acetyl CoA carboxylase, putative 0,97 1,31 +  
PF08_0099 acyl CoA binding protein, putative   -0,89   
PF10_0016 acyl CoA binding protein, putative   -1,04 -  
PFE0410w triose or hexose phosphate/phosphate translocator, putative   -0,88 -  
  1. Gene ID: identifier as found in PlasmoDB.
  2. Art columns: log ratios of gene expression under artesunate exposure at 90 minutes and 3 hours.
  3. HS column: over (+) or under (-) expression.
  4. Results were compared with transcriptome modifications induced by heat-shock (HS) [12] and chloroquine (CQ) [8].
  5. Genes were selected based on [16].