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Figure 3

From: The rules of gene expression in plants: Organ identity and gene body methylation are key factors for regulation of gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 3

Correlation between methylation and gene responsiveness. (A) Plot of the frequency of methylated genes (according to Zhang et al. [24]; X-axis) within a group of genes against the number of comparisons in which that group of genes is regulated (Y-axis). The dotted line represents the regression line. B) Same as (A) except using data from Zilberman et al [25]. C) to E). Same as (A) except with the different experimental categories defined in Figure 1A, using methylome data from Zhang et al [24]. G) Same as (A) except the X-axis represents the frequency of genes that are the target of trimethylation on H3K27 [30].

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