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Table 2 Evaluation of predicted interactions by frequency of co-expression and functional similarity of GO terms

From: Prediction of evolutionarily conserved interologs in Mus musculus

  Frequency of co-expression (Mean/Stddev) Similarity of GO term (BP) Mean/Stddev) Similarity of GO term(CC)(Mean/Stddev)
Protein – protein interaction datasets
Interolog 3.7/5.9 0.32/0.21 0.40/0.31
interolog + phylogenetic profile 4.18/6.45 0.34/0.22 0.43/0.31
Interologs predicted as false positives by phylogenetic profiles 2.70/4.58 0.29/0.17 0.34/0.30
Ortholog co-occurrence in operons 5.0/8.8 0.41/0.25 0.28/0.35
Ortholog co-occurrence in operons + phylogenetic profile 10.11/15.76 0.51/0.27 0.46/0.37
Negative data
  0.48/1.74 0.23/0.14 0.37/0.24
  1. The interaction datasets were evaluated by co-expression frequency of interacting genes and similarity between gene ontology terms BP (Biological Process) and CC (Cellular component).
  2. See Methods section for the details of co-expression frequency. Similarity between GO terms was calculated by using "getGeneSim" function in GOSim package [36].