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Figure 2

From: Characterization of ten novel Ty1/copia-like retrotransposon families of the grapevine genome

Figure 2

Phylogenetic analysis of the 10 novel families. The Neighbor-Joining tree is based on the multiple sequence alignment of amino acid sequences between reverse transcriptase domains I and VII using the Poisson distance model. For novel families, amino acid sequences were deduced from canonic copies and for other plant retrotransposons from published nucleotide sequences:A. thaliana AtRE1; A. thaliana Ta-1 (acc. n° X13291); Cajanus cajan Panzee (acc. n° AJ000893); Hordeum vulgare BARE-1; Ipomoea batatas Rtsp-1 (acc. n° AB162659); Nicotiana tabacum Tnt1; N. tabacum Tto1 (acc. n° D83003); Oryza sativa RIRE-1 (acc. n° D85597); Pisum sativum PDR1 (acc. n° X66399); Solanum chilense TLC1 (acc. n° AF279585); V. vinifera Tvv1-VB; V. vinifera Gret1 (acc. n° AB111100);Zea mays PREM-2 (acc. n° U41000); Z. mays Opie-2 (acc. n° AF090446). Grapevine retrotransposon families are given in bold. Bootstrap values greater than 60% are shown on the tree.

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