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Table 1 Relative expression levels of genes belonging to the regulons of McbR, SsuR, and/or CysR measured by real-time RT-PCR

From: The dual transcriptional regulator CysR in Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032 controls a subset of genes of the McbR regulon in response to the availability of sulphide acceptor molecules

CDS Name Regulona Function mRNA ratio WT/CR030 comparingb CR031/CR032
Cg0012 ssuR McbR, CysR Transcriptional activator of sulphonate(ester) utilisation 32.9 12.8
Cg0156 cysR McbR Transcriptional activator of assimilatory sulphate reduction 0.61 0.76
Cg0755 metY McbR O-acetylhomoserine sulfhydrylase 1.5 1.0
Cg1514   CysR* Secreted protein of unknown function 137.9 158.1
Cg1376 ssuD1 McbR, SsuR FMNH2-dependent aliphatic sulphonate monooxygenase 186.8 1.3
Cg2810   McbR, CysR Putative secondary H+/Na+ symporter 0.39 0.14
Cg3118 cysI McbR, CysR Ferredoxin-sulphite reductase 104.7 93.4
Cg3119 fpr2 McbR, CysR Ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase 21.6 8.8
Cg3138   CysR* Putative integral membrane protein 0.0078 0.018
Cg3253 mcbR McbR Transcriptional repressor of sulphur metabolism 0.97 0.88
Cg3372   McbR, CysR Conserved protein of unknown function 99.0 22.9
  1. a According to the studies of [7, 15], and this study.
  2. b Total RNA was isolated from C. glutamicum cultures grown in minimal medium with 2 mM L-cysteine as sole sulphur source to o.D.600 10 and then subjected to sulphur starvation for 30 min. Relative expression levels were measured for two independent replicates with at least three technical replicates each.
  3. * predicted from microarray data and motif search.