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Figure 5

From: Comparative analysis of the time-dependent functional and molecular changes in spinal cord degeneration induced by the G93A SOD1 gene mutation and by mechanical compression

Figure 5

Similarly to what shown in Figure 4, the scatter plots indicate the time-dependent down-regulation in spinal cord of 56 gene candidates identified in the experiment of mild compression injury published by DiGiovanni et al. [gene expression dataset: GEO-GDS339; [11]]. These genes are included within GO categories and functional headings (e.g. GO:0007267_cell-cell_signaling, GO:0007268_synaptic_transmission, GO:0019226_transmission_of_nerve_impulse, GO:0005856_cytoskeleton; GO:0005886_plasma_membrane, GO:0031410_cytoplasmic_vesicle, GO:0045104_intermediate_filament_cytoskeleton_organization_and_biogene, GO:0006694_steroid_biosynthesis) that undergo down-regulation (particularly at 7 days after injury) in our spinal cord compression experiment. The pattern of differential regulation expressed as correlation coefficients (R2) in both subsets of up-regulated (Figure 4) and down-regulated genes according to the GDS339 expression dataset from Di Giovanni et al., correspond to the type and temporal pattern of differential regulation of the related GO categories and functional headings identified in our ontological analysis.

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