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Figure 1

From: Enhanced cross-species utility of conserved microsatellite markers in shorebirds

Figure 1

Chromosome map of the chicken displaying the genomic locations of 68 conserved microsatellite homologues that were isolated in different Charadriiformes species. If the microsatellite motif was found to be retained in the chicken homologue the locus name is underlined. Microsatellite loci examined for polymorphism are marked by a star. Shaded loci represent the microsatellite loci that could be amplified in Lari, Charadri and Scolopaci with either standard or consensus primers. For loci shown in italics only one of the flanks (forward or reverse) was assigned to the map. Centromere locations that could be deduced by high GC content in the chicken [17] are highlighted in blue. The locations for the four loci assigned to the Z chromosome were all confirmed by hemizygous segregation of genotypes in females.

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