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Figure 2

From: Genomic characterization of putative allergen genes in peach/almond and their synteny with apple

Figure 2

Phylogenetic trees derived from the deduced PR-10, TLP, LTP and profilin (PRF) families in peach (Pru p 1–4) and apple (Mal d 1–4) based on our genomic sequences and ESTs (in bold) retrieved from the DNA NCBI Database (see their GenBank accession numbers below). A: PR-10 family. Peach: Pru p 1.01 [GenBank:EU424240], Pru p 1.02 [GenBank:EU424242], Pru p 1.03 [GenBank:EU424244], Pru p 1.04 [GenBank:EU424246], Pru p 1.05 [GenBank:EU424248], Pru p 1.06A [GenBank:EU424252], Pru p 1.06B [GenBank:EU424250], Pru p 1.06C [GenBank:EU424253]. Apple: Mal d 1.01 [GenBank:AY789238]; Mal d 1.02 [GenBank:AY789241]; Mal d 1.03A [GenBank:AY789263]; Mal d 1.03B [GenBank:AY789265]; Mal d 1.03C [GenBank:AY789266]: Mal d 1.03D [GenBank:AY789267], Mal d 1.03E [GenBank:AY789269], Mal d 1.03F [GenBank:AY789271], Mal d 1.03G [AY789274], Mal d 1.04 [GenBank:AY789244], Mal d 1.05 [GenBank:AY789246], Mal d 1.06A [GenBank:AY789249], Mal d 1.06B [GenBank:AY789251], Mal d 1.06C [GenBank:AY789254], Mal d 1.07 [GenBank:AY789257], Mal d 1.08 [GenBank:AY789260], Mal d 1.09 [GenBank:AY789262]. B: TLP family. Peach: Pru p 2.01A [GenBank:EU424257], Pru p 2.01B [GenBank:EU424259], Pru p 2.02 [GenBank:EU424255], Pru p 2.03 [GenBank:EU424261], Pru p 2.04 [GenBank:EU424263]. Apple: Mal d 2.01A [GenBank:AY792599], Mal d 2.01B [GenBank:AY792603]; Mal d 2.02 (consensus sequence derived from ESTs, [GenBank:CO9044477, CV082311, CO723595, CN445021] and Mal d 2.03 (consensus of 8 ESTs: [GenBank:CO866703, CO901275, CN495042, CV084040, CO866711, CN444138, CO866347, CN491711] [18]. C: LTP family: Peach: Pru p 3.01 [GenBank:EU424265], Pru p 3.02 [GenBank:EU424267], Pru p 3.03 [GenBank:EU424269]; Apple: Mal d 3.01 [GenBank:AY572501], Mal d 3.02 [GenBank:AY572517], Mal d 3.03 [GenBank:DY256246]. D: Profilin Family: Peach: Pru p 4.01 [GenBank:EU424271], Pru p 4.02 [GenBank:EU424273]; Apple: Mal d 4.01 [GenBank:AY792608], Mal d 4.02A [GenBank:AY792610], Mal d 4.02B (consensus of 3 ESTs, [GenBank:CN578860, CN992900, CV082623], Mal d 4.03A [GenBank:AY792616], Mal d 4.03B (consensus of 3 ESTs, [GenBank:CO722645, CO052497, CO418275].

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