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Table 3 GIs located next to tRNA genes in five B. pseudomallei strains.

From: Genomic islands from five strains of Burkholderia pseudomallei

  GIs GIs located next to tRNA genes tRNA-SSR
   K96243 1710b 1106a MSHR668 MSHR305  
Chromosome 1 GI1a     X   
  GI2 X      tRNA-Phe
  GI4 X      tRNA-Met
  GI4.1   X     tRNA-Met
  GI4.2    X    tRNA-Met
  GI4.3     X   
  GI4.4      X tRNA-Met
  GI5 X      tRNA-Leu
  GI5a   X     
  GI5a.1    X X   
  GI5a.2      X  
  GI6b   X     tRNA-Pro
  GI7 X      
  GI7.1   X     tRNA-Arg
  GI7.2    X    
  GI7.3     X   tRNA-Arg
  GI7.4      X  
  GI8d      X tRNA-Cys
  GI9 X      tRNA-Ser
  GI9a     X   
  GI9b     X   tRNA-Gly
  GI9c     X   tRNA-Pro
  GI9c.1      X tRNA-Pro
  GI10 X    X   tRNA-Thr
  GI10.1   X     
  GI10.2    X    tRNA-Thr
  GI10.3      X tRNA-Thr
  GI11 X      tRNA-Ala
  GI11.1    X    
  GI11.2      X tRNA-Ala
  GI12 X      tRNA-Arg
  GI12.1   X     
  GI12.2    X    
  GI12.3     X   tRNA-Arg
  GI12.4      X  
Chromosome 2 GI13 X      tRNA-Ser
  GI13.1   X     
  GI13.2    X    
  GI13.3     X   
  GI13.4      X  
  GI15d      X  
  1. Note: The specific tRNA genes that facilitate tRNA-site specific recombination (tRNA-SSR) at some of these genomic locations are listed. In many cases tRNA-SSR (bold) has facilitated the insertion of multiple, distinct GIs in different strains at the same genomic location.