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Table 3 Copy number of GCN4 mRNA in a single yeast cell grown in YPD medium

From: Absolute quantification of the budding yeast transcriptome by means of competitive PCR between genomic and complementary DNAs

Standard point Culture #1 Culture #2 Culture #3
#1 (1 copy/cell) ND ND ND
#2 (11 copies/cell) 38.7 45.4 47.3
#3 (111 copies/cell) 39.0 39.9 45.3
Average 38.9 42.7 46.3
  1. Copy number of GCN4 mRNA per cell was determined for the same samples as those in Table 1 using the competitive PCR method using a set of in vitro transcribed RNA standards shown in Figure 2B.