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Figure 1

From: SNUGB: a versatile genome browser supporting comparative and functional fungal genomics

Figure 1

Characteristics of the 137 fungal and oomycetes genomes archived in SNUGB. In all graphs, the first six groups correspond to subphyla and the rests indicate phyla. Error bars indicate variation of data within each taxonomic group. The last two phyla were used as outgroup. In graphs A, E, F, and G, each color of bar indicates distinct group supported by Turkey HSD test. (A) Average genome size. (B) the ratio of variation of genome size to the average genome size. (C) Average GC ratio of each subphylum/phylum. (D) The percentage of coding regions to the genome length. (E) Average number of total ORFs. (F) The total number of ORFs per Mb (= ORF density). (G) The average exon number of each ORFs.

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