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Table 1 2-DE MALDI-TOF analysis results

From: Acidic pH shock induces the expressions of a wide range of stress-response genes

Functional classification Gene bank accession no. Identity Size of protein (kDa/aa) Caculated pI (Expasy) Normalized Vol.
      PNC PC PS
Adaptation SCO6502 putative gas vesicle synthesis protein (GvpG) 9.7/87 4.2 1.081 0.063 0.939
Sigma factor SCO6520 putative RNA polymerase sigma factor (Sig K) 30.0/266 5.5 0.013 0.011 2.651
  SCO7112 putative ECF-family RNA polymerase sigma factor 32.8/298 5.9 0.128 0.084 -