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Table 1 Isolates of Phytophthora included in the study, their designations and origins.

From: Use of genome sequence data in the design and testing of SSR markers for Phytophthora species

Phytophthora species Isolate numbers Origin
   Host Country Year
P. alni subsp. alni SCRP2 Alnus sp. UK 1995
  SCRP4(a) Alnus sp. Germany 1995
  SCRP8(a) Alnus sp. France 1996
P. cambivora SCRP67 (IMI 296831) Rubus idaeus Scotland 1985
  SCRP75(a) Fagus sp. UK 1995
  SCRP80(a) Castanea sativa Italy 1995
  SCRP82(a) Eucalypt Australia  
P. cinnamomi SCRP115 (CBS270.55) Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Netherlands 1993
  SCRP118 (CBS342.72) Persea gratissima California 1972
  SCRP121(a)   Australia  
P. citricola SCRP130 Rubus idaeus Scotland 1986
  SCRP136(a) Soil UK 1995
  SCRP140(a) Taxus sp. UK 1995
  SCRP143(a) Quercus robur Germany 1994
P. europaea SCRP622 Quercus robur Switzerland 1995
P. fragariae var. rubi SCRP333 (IMI355974) Rubus idaeus Scotland 1985
P. ilicis SCRP377 Ilex aquilifolium UK 1995
  SCRP379(a) Ilex aquilifolium UK  
P. infestans SC03.26.3.3 Solanum tuberosum Scotland 2003
P. inundata SCRP644 (IMI389751) Salix sp. UK 1972
P. lateralis SCRP390 (IMI 040503) Chamaecyparis lawsoniana U.S.A. 1942
P. nemorosa SCRP910    
P. pseudosyringae SCRP674 (IMI390500) Malus pumila Italy 2001
  SCRP734(a) Fagus sylvatica Italy 2003
P. psychrophila SCRP630 Quercus ilex France 1996
P. quercina SCRP541 Quercus robur Germany 1995
P. ramorum SCRP911 Rhododendron sp. Scotland 2004
P. sojae SCRP555 Glycine max USA  
  1. (a) = Additional isolates utilised to evaluate intraspecific variability