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Figure 7

From: In silico discovery of transcription regulatory elements in Plasmodium falciparum

Figure 7

Characterization of PfM18.1 binding proteins by EMSA. Incubation of 32P radiolabeled-probe containing PfM18.1 generated a multi-complex shift (O197:198, Lane 2). ×4 and ×20 molar excess cold competitor O197:198 diminished the shift in a concentration dependent manner (Lanes 5 & 6) while random 80% AT (Lanes 7 & 8) and random 20% AT (lanes 9 & 10) cold competitor probes did not compete indicating sequence specificity for the binding event. ×5 and ×10 increase in MgCl2 concentration resulted in intensification of the second-most upper band (Lanes 3 & 4).

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