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Table 2 Overrepresented GO categories compared to control within the syngeneic transplantation group. The top 10 significantly overrepresented GO categories on the third level (p < 0.05, Fisher's exact test, with Benjamini and Hochberg correction) related to biological process (BP), cellular component (CC) and molecular function (MF) in the set of genes down- or up-regulated after syngeneic transplantation (sTX) compared to control are shown in Table 2 The numbers indicate the quantity of genes corresponding with the GO-terms.

From: Activation of counter-regulatory mechanisms in a rat renal acute rejection model

Category Term Count p-value
BP organic acid metabolism 57 1,1E-10
BP carboxylic acid metabolism 56 1,5E-10
BP amino acid and derivative metabolism 41 7,1E-9
BP amino acid metabolism 31 2,2E-6
BP nitrogen compound metabolism 40 8,3E-6
BP amine metabolism 38 9,7E-6
BP sulfur amino acid metabolism 10 1,8E-5
BP amino acid derivative metabolism 18 6,0E-5
BP amino acid catabolism 13 1,1E-4
BP nitrogen compound catabolism 15 1,2E-4
CC mitochondrion 59 1,9E-7
CC microbody 14 4,0E-4
CC peroxisome 14 4,0E-4
MF oxidoreductase activity 59 3,2E-9
MF catalytic activity 195 1,5E-6
MF lyase activity 20 1,7E-3
BP mitotic cell cycle 44 5,3E-7
BP cell division 30 6,1E-7
BP cell cycle 81 6,8E-7
BP cell adhesion 70 2,5E-6
BP mitosis 29 2,6E-6
BP M phase of mitotic cell cycle 29 2,7E-6
BP cell proliferation 83 1,1E-5
BP M phase 33 3,9E-5
BP regulation of cell cycle 54 7,9E-5
BP regulation of progression through cell cycle 54 7,9E-5
CC extracellular matrix 56 3,5E-16
CC extracellular matrix (sensu Metazoa) 54 2,7E-15
CC intracellular non-membrane-bound organelle 144 6,0E-13
CC non-membrane-bound organelle 144 6,0E-13
CC collagen 16 2,0E-7
CC ribosome 36 2,4E-5
CC cytoskeleton 76 4,1E-5
CC spindle 17 4,1E-5
CC microtubule cytoskeleton 40 4,2E-5
CC chromosome 36 4,4E-5
MF structural molecule activity 75 3,7E-8
MF extracellular matrix structural constituent 23 9,6E-8
MF structural constituent of ribosome 32 9,3E-5
MF collagen binding 8 1,7E-2
MF pattern binding 17 4,3E-2
MF enzyme inhibitor activity 29 4,7E-2