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Table 5 Potential novel transcriptional markers for acute rejection

From: Activation of counter-regulatory mechanisms in a rat renal acute rejection model

Fold change Probe set Description Gene symbol
113.071 1378047_at Spi-C transcription factor (Spi-1/PU.1 related) (predicted) Spic_predicted
98.594 1392308_at phospholipase A2, group IID (predicted) Pla2g2d_predicted
94.648 1392496_at Trypsin V-A LOC312273
75.765 1368128_at phospholipase A2, group IIA (platelets, synovial fluid) Pla2g2a
46.437 1369766_at prostaglandin E receptor 2, subtype EP2 Ptger2
39.419 1392171_at chitinase 3-like 1 Chi3l1
30.24 1370869_at branched chain aminotransferase 1, cytosolic Bcat1
26.936 1368413_at amiloride binding protein 1 Abp1