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Table 4 Correlation between gene expression (average and maximum) and intron length for each gene set. Number of genes: TATA 385, TATA-1 476, TATA-2 2581, TATA-less 5663.

From: Links between core promoter and basic gene features influence gene expression

  Average expression Maximal expression
  Spearman Correlation p-value Spearman Correlation p-value
TATA -0.281 2.03E-08 -0.2693 8.02E-08
TATA-1 -0.2554 1.65E-08 -0.2788 6.24E-10
TATA-2 -0.2445 2.06E-36 -0.2427 6.86E-36
TATA-less -0.1447 6.92E-28 -0.1395 5.07E-26