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Table 4 Bayesian Biclustering results for yeast expression data

From: Bayesian biclustering of gene expression data

Cluster name size* Significant conditions (P value) Enriched TFBS (P value) Enriched gene functions (P-value)
ribosome proteins 213,85 nitrogen depletion(7.1e-3), steady state (3.9e-4) RAP1 (2.9e-60) ribosomal protein (2.1e-160)
rRNA processing 329,113 steady state (8.9e-4) ABF1 (5.2e-4), PAC (1.2e-127), RRPE (2.7e-63) rRNA processing (4.3e-77), nucleic acid binding (1.6e-25)
ubiquitin 113,88 diamide stress(4.2e-3), menadione stress(2.7e-2) RPN4 (4e-12) ubiquitin / proteasomal pathway (8.3e-12)
oxidative stress 40,38 hydrogen peroxide stress (4.8e-8), menadione stress(4e-7), diamide stress (3.2e-6) CAD1(5.7e-15), YAP1(1.9e-15) oxidative stress response (9.3e-8), metabolism of phenylalanine (4.2e-8), metabolism of tyrosine (2.7e-8)
respiration 55,97 steady state(1.8e-7) HAP4 (1.3e-16), SKN7(6.3e-8), MSN24a(7.4e-4) respiration (2.5e-38), electron transport and membrane-associated energy conservation (5.1e-45)
purin metabolism 42,48 menadione stress (4.1e-6), amino acid starvation (4.8e-3) BAS1 (3.2e-5) purin nucleotide/nucleoside/nucleobase anabolism (6.2e-10)
stress response and protein folding 48,46 heat shock (4.5e-7), diamide stress (1.7e-4), osmolarity stress (6.5e-4) , MSN2/4 and YAP1 deletion (3.8e-3) HSF1 (4.7e-3), protein folding and stabilization (8e-8), stress response(3.0e-5)
stress response and heat shock 87,191 heat shock (5.2e-3) HSF1 (1.5e-3), MSN24 (6.1e-11), MSN24a (9.6e-11), STRE (1.0e-5), GIS1 (1.9e-4) C-compound and carbohydrate metabolism (1.0e-3), energy (7.4e-4)
cell cycle 86,87 α factor (3.5e-8), cdc15 (3.7e-8), cdc28 (4.5e-2), elu (4.0e-6) MCM1 (1.0e-10), SWI4 (4.16e-7), FKH1 (6.6e-7), MBP1(3.6e-4), TATA (1.3e-4) cell cycle and DNA processing (5.1e-9), cytokinesis (cell division) (2.9e-6), pheromone response (7.6e-4)
DNA topology 35,45 cln3, clb2 (2.1e-2) GCN4(4.3e-6), MBP1 (2.0e-5), MCM1 (3.2e-3), SWI4 (1.1e-3), XBP1 (1.3e-5) DNA topology (1.3e-22), somatic/ mitotic recombination (8.9e-9)
cell cycle (G1 phase) 108,62 α factor (3.35e-11), cdc 15 (2.5e-10), cdc28 (7.8e-6) MBP1 (3.7e-14), SWI4 (6.4e-5) cell cycle and DNA processing (1.4e-12)
nitrogen, sulfur & selenium metabolism 37,16 amino acid starvation (1.2e-5), nitrogen depletion (4.2e-2) CBF1(3.3e-7), GCN4 (7.3e-5), MET31 (8.7e-4), MET4(1e-7) amino acid metabolism (1.5e-30), nitrogen, sulfur and selenium metabolism (1.3e-13)
glycolysis regulation 38,78 Disulfide-reducing agent stress (1.6e-4), diamide (1.5e-3) GCR1 (4.6e-3) sugar, glucoside, polyol and carboxylate catabolism (3.3e-10), glycolysis and gluconeogenesis (3.1e-11)
  1. *size:(the number of genes in the cluster, the number of conditions in the cluster)