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Figure 1

From: The unfoldomics decade: an update on intrinsically disordered proteins

Figure 1

Peculiarities of the amino acid sequences of intrinsically disordered proteins. A. Mean net charge versus mean hydropathy plot (charge-hydropathy plot) for the set of 275 folded (blue squares) and 91 natively unfolded proteins (red circles) [37]. B. Amino-acid composition, relative to the set of globular proteins Globular-3D, of intrinsically disordered regions 10 residues or longer from the DisProt database. Dark gray indicates DisProt 1.0 (152 proteins), whereas light gray indicates DisProt 3.4 (460 proteins). Amino acid compositions were calculated per disordered regions and then averaged. The arrangement of the amino acids is by peak height for the DisProt 3.4 release. Confidence intervals were estimated using per-protein bootstrapping with 10,000 iterations [40].

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