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Figure 6

From: The unfoldomics decade: an update on intrinsically disordered proteins

Figure 6

Structural changes in MoRF partners. Ribbon representation MoRF partners shown unbound (blue ribbons) and bound (green ribbons) to MoRFs (red ribbons). (A) Small scale structural alterations in CheY induced by binding of the MoRF region of FliM (PDB entries: unbound – 1U8T and bound – 1F4V). (B) Large scale structural alterations in calmodulin induced by binding to the MoRF of GAD (PDB entries: unbound – 1CLL and bound – 1NWD). (C) Partial disorder-to-order transition in PCNA induced by binding to the MoRF of FEN-1 (PDB entries: unbound – 1RWZ and bound – 1RXZ). (D) Partial order-to-disorder transition in Bcl-xL induced by binding to the MoRF of Bim (PDB entries: unbound – 1PQ0 and bound – 1PQ1).

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