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Figure 3

From: Extending bicluster analysis to annotate unclassified ORFs and predict novel functional modules using expression data

Figure 3

Illustration of the steps in the semi-supervised functional module discovery process. This figure shows the various step of the functional module discovery algorithm. This algorithm is related to the BALBOA algorithm and begins in the same manner with the dataset splitting in step 1 and the bicluster analysis of the annotated genes only in step 2. In step 3 however all biclusters are selected for analysis. In step 4 dataset cross validation is carried out to establish groups of ORFs that are consistently grouped together by biclusters over the three datasets. In step 5 these consistently grouped unclassified ORFs are returned as predicted functional modules, where the function may be inferred by the enrichment and significance of the dominant functional class in the classifying biclusters.

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