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Table 2 Genes with significantly altered alternative splicing under 500 g/l BDE47 exposure

From: High-throughput RNA sequencing reveals the effects of 2,2′,4,4′ -tetrabromodiphenyl ether on retina and bone development of zebrafish larvae

Accession ID Location p -value Splicing type
500 μg/l    
tpm3 chr19 4.84E-03 Mutually_exclusive
ndrg1 chr19 6.65E-03 Altstart
tpm3 chr19 7.48E-03 Altstart
ugt2a1 chr5 9.23E-03 Altstart
LOC560944 chr24 9.42E-03 Cassette
LOC100535315 chr19 1.60E-02 Cassette
tpm4 chr22 2.03E-02 Altstart
LOC560944 chr24 3.33E-02 Mutually_exclusive
ogt.1 chr14 3.47E-02 Alt3
vegfaa chr16 3.91E-02 Cassette
5 μg/l    
plod2 chr24 8.08E-03 Cassette
ppap2b chr20 1.75E-02 Mutually_exclusive
tnnt2e chr4 2.28E-02 Mutually_exclusive
ndrg1 chr19 4.50E-02 Altstart
a1cf chr12 4.96E-02 Alt3