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Table 3 Wilcoxon rank sum determined P-values show significant difference between theneutrality of sequences

From: Sampled ensemble neutrality as a feature to classify potential structured RNAs

   3’ Flanking 5’ Flanking
Distance metric Shuffle ClustalW Mxscarna ClustalW Mxscarna
SEN 0 2.06e-92 2.03e-92 4.99e-33 3.49e-21
Pearson’s CC 0 1.20e-108 1.92e-84 5.07e-28 1.45e-23
Bp-distance 1.14e-285 7.40e-44 7.40e-44 6.12e-19 3.75e-05
RNAmute: dot-bracket structure 2.72e-107 2.15e-10 2.15e-10 8.19e-08 1.34e-09
RNAmute: Shapiro structure 4.51e-121 8.07e-16 8.07e-16 2.43e-09 3.45e-10
RemuRNA 4.68e-132 9.99e-01 9.99e-01 9.99e-01 9.99e-01