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Table 1 SNP trait associations with the highest significance across different environments for six candidate intervals

From: High-resolution genetic mapping of allelic variants associated with cell wall chemistry in Populus

Nearest gene Environment Infinium array Re-sequencing
SNP marker p -value Trait SNP marker p -value Trait
Potri.014G036500 Clatskanie scaffold_14_2980220 1.27E−05 pyMBMS m/z 135 scaffold_14_2986800 6.54E−05 Glucose release
(Amino acid transporter) Corvallis - - - scaffold_14_2983445 1.14E−07 6-carbon sugars
Surrey scaffold_14_2977633 5.63E−04 Arabinose - - -
Potri.014G037200 Clatskanie scaffold_14_3028570 8.55E−04 pyMBMS m/z 125 scaffold_14_3025294 8.89E−05 Glucose release
(KANADI TF) Corvallis - - - scaffold_14_3035343 8.64E−05 Glucose release
  Native scaffold_14_3028120 6.57E−06 Glucose/xylose release scaffold_14_3029359 4.43E-04* Glucose/xylose release
Potri.014G089400 Corvallis scaffold_14_7043301 1.06E−05 Xylose release scaffold_14_7041563 4.63E-04* 5-carbon sugars
(ANGUSTIFOLIA TF) Native scaffold_14_7044284 6.84E−04 Glucose/xylose release scaffold_14_7044259 5.36E-04* 6-carbon sugars
Potri.014G089700 Clatskanie scaffold_14_7055338 1.32E−05 pyMBMS m/z 120 scaffold_14_7053121 1.96E−05 6-carbon sugars
(Copper transporter) Corvallis - - - scaffold_14_7062644 3.20E-04* Xylose release
Native - - - scaffold_14_7054885 3.36E-04* S/G ratio
Surrey scaffold_14_7053760 9.18E−05 Average wood density - - -
Potri.014G101900 Clatskanie scaffold_14_7971054 8.31E−05 pyMBMS m/z 102 - - -
(Ca2 + −transporting ATPase) Corvallis - - - scaffold_14_7970015 9.03E−06 Xylose release
Native scaffold_14_7969314 1.55E−06 5-carbon sugars scaffold_14_7966546 5.61E−05 5-carbon sugars
Potri.014G142700 Clatskanie scaffold_14_10865898 3.00E−05 pyMBMS m/z 235 scaffold_14_10886410 2.42E-04* S/G ratio
(Protein kinase) Corvallis - - - scaffold_14_10855744 5.49E−07 Xylose release
  Native scaffold_14_10867394 5.59E−04 Glucose release - - -
  Surrey scaffold_14_10865898 7.99E−05 Syringyl monomers - - -
  1. *Suggestive associations not significant at the Bonferroni-adjusted p-value.