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Table 1 Information of target genes

From: Identification of radiation-induced aberrant hypomethylation in colon cancer

Gene Accession No. Function
ANGPT1 NM_001146.3; NM_001199859.1; NM_139290.1 Angiopoietin 1
APBB2 NM_001166050.1; NM_001166051.1; NM_001166052.1; NM_001166053.1; NM_001166054.1; NM_004307.1; NM_173075.4 Amyloid Beta (A4) Precursor Protein-Binding, Family B, Member 2
ATP5A1 NM_001001935.2; NM_001001937.1; NM_001257334.1; NM_001257335.1; NM_004046.5 ATP Synthase, H+ Transporting, Mitochondrial F1 Complex, Alpha Subunit 1, Cardiac Muscle
C10orf140 NM_207371.3 SKI/DACH Domain Containing 1
C10orf4 NM_145246.4; NM_203438.2; NM_203439.2; NM_203440.2; NM_203441.2 Fragile Site, Folic Acid Type, Rare, Fra(10)(Q23.3) Or Fra(10)(Q24.2) Candidate 1
CASC1 NM_001082972.1; NM_001082973.1; NM_001204101.1; NM_001204102.1; NM_018272.3 Cancer Susceptibility Candidate 1
CHGA NM_001275.3 Chromogranin A (Parathyroid Secretory Protein 1)
CTGF NM_001901.2 Connective Tissue Growth Factor
CXADRP2 NR_024387 Coxsackie Virus And Adenovirus Receptor Pseudogene 2
HAUS1 NM_138443.3 HAUS Augmin-Like Complex, Subunit 1
IFI16 NM_001206567.1; NM_005531.2 Interferon, Gamma-Inducible Protein 16
IGLON5 NM_001101372.1 IgLON Family Member 5
LBR NM_002296.3; NM_194442.2 Lamin B Receptor
LMAN1 NM_005570.3 Lectin, Mannose-Binding, 1
LYRM5 NM_001001660.2 LYR Motif Containing 5
MCOLN1 NM_020533.2 Mucolipin 1
MTMR8 NM_017677.3 Myotubularin Related Protein 8
PDZRN3 NM_015009.1 PDZ Domain Containing Ring Finger 3
PLCL2 NM_001144382.1; NM_015184.5 Phospholipase C-Like 2
PLEKHM2 NM_015164.2 Pleckstrin Homology Domain Containing, Family M (With RUN Domain) Member 2
RASAL1 NM_001193520.1; NM_001193521.1; NM_004658.2 RAS Protein Activator Like 1 (GAP1 Like)
SLC43A2 NM_001284498.1; NM_001284499.1; NM_152346.2 Solute Carrier Family 43, Member 2
SP1 NM_001251825.1; NM_003109.1; NM_138473.2 Sp1 Transcription Factor
TCERG1L NM_174937.3 Transcription Elongation Regulator 1-Like
TSPY1 NM_001197242.1; NM_003308.3 Testis Specific Protein, Y-Linked 1
TSPY4 NM_001164471.1 Testis Specific Protein, Y-Linked 4
ZNF175 NM_007147.2 Zinc Finger Protein 175
ZNF69 NM_021915.2 Zinc Finger Protein 69
ZSWIM5 NM_020883.1 Zinc Finger, SWIM-Type Containing 5