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Table 3 Identified variants that are specific for the respective mutant (Chr: Chromosome; nt: nucleotides; CDS: Coding Sequence)

From: Fast forward genetics to identify mutations causing a high light tolerant phenotype in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii by whole-genome-sequencing

Mutant Variant position Type CDS Affected gene
hit1 Chr2: 1596893 Substitution (1nt) Yes Cre02.g085050
hit2 Chr2: 1597931 Substitution (1nt) Yes Cre02.g085050
hit1 Chr8: 2390449 Insertion (2nt) Intron Cre08.g371000
hit1 Chr12: 2939906 Substitution (1nt) Yes Cre12.g501600