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Table 6 Ribosomal protein leaders identified in B. methanolicus MGA3 and their respective transcriptional organization and function

From: Transcriptome analysis of thermophilic methylotrophic Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 using RNA-sequencing provides detailed insights into its previously uncharted transcriptional landscape

Ribosomal protein leaders and its transcriptional organization Related function Locus tag(s)
(L10)*-rplJ-rplL Ribosomal proteins BMMGA3_00640-BMMGA3_00645
(L13)-rplM-rpsI Ribosomal proteins BMMGA3_00865-BMMGA3_00870
(L19)-rplS Ribosomal protein BMMGA3_06025
(L20)-infC-rpmI-rplT Translation initiation factor IF-3, ribosomal proteins BMMGA3_12960-BMMGA3_12970
(L21)-rplU-BMMGA3_12500-rpmA Ribosomal proteins, protein of unknown function BMMGA3_12495-BMMGA3_12505
  1. *(L10) = L10 leader; (L13) = L13 leader; (L19) = L19 leader; (L20) = L20 leader; (L21) = L21 leader.