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Table 8 Gene duplication analysis of some selective plant MAPKs that contain novel activation loop motif

From: Identification of new members of the MAPK gene family in plants shows diverse conserved domains and novel activation loop variants

Gene name Representative motif Z-score Level of confidence (%)
AtMPK1 T-E-Y 19.46 100
AtMPK20 T-D-Y 11.88 100
OsMPK16-2 M-E-Y 6.85 100
PaMPK7-2 T-E-M 7.92 100
OlMPK7 T-S-Y 8.48 100
GrMPK4-6 T-E-C 13.94 100
GmMPK T-V-Y 13.67 100
BrMPK T-Q-Y 7.91 100
PaMPK10 T-Q-M 13.41 100
CsubMPK3 T-R-M 7.75 100
  1. Analysis was carried out by Pinda (pipeline for intraspecies duplication analysis). Analysis shows all the MAPKs that contain novel activation loop motif resulted in z-score above four. The Z-score above four is considered highly significant to be duplicated.