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Figure 1

From: Comparative genome and transcriptome analyses of the social amoeba Acytostelium subglobosum that accomplishes multicellular development without germ-soma differentiation

Figure 1

Properties of A. subglobosum in comparison with D. discoideum. A: Morphologies of fruiting bodies of A. subglobosum (left) and D. discoideum (right). Note the differences in magnification. B: Higher magnification photographs of A. subglobosum (left) and D. discoideum stalk (right). C: Developmental time courses for both species. D: Phylogenetic relationships shown schematically for the species described in the text. Numerals in the triangles indicate the group number of each clade. E: Results of flow cytometry analysis of nuclear DNA content. Arrows indicate the peak positions of the haploid nuclei. F: DAPI staining of the nuclei. Two independent nuclei (left pictures) and sum of 35 nuclei (right) are shown.

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