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Table 3 D. discoideum developmental genes lacking orthologs in the A. subglobosum lineage a

From: Comparative genome and transcriptome analyses of the social amoeba Acytostelium subglobosum that accomplishes multicellular development without germ-soma differentiation

Gene b Product Mutant information c
Involved in cell fate-determination
  tagA (DDB_G0293002) ABC transporter B family protein, serine protease Multiple tips in mound (partial KO); Aberrant fruiting body morphology (KO)
Involved in stalk-cell diversification
  rtaA* (DDB_G0271852) Lipid-translocating exporter family protein Expressed in PstU cells (lacZ fusion)
  warA* (DDB_G0291075) Putative homeobox transcription factor Development arrests at slug stage, decreased prespore cell differentiation, and increased PstO cell differentiation (KO)
Involved in terminal differentiation
  expl7 (DDB_G0288331) Expansin-like protein Aberrant culminant morphology (OE)
  rsc12* (DDB_G0277871) Unknown Aberrant culmination (KO)
  1. aOnly those related to morphogenesis and cell differentiation are listed.
  2. bUnique genes are asterisked. Parentheses indicate DDB_G ID.
  3. cPhenotypes of disruptants (KO) and overexpressors (OE), and product localization (lacZ fusion) were extracted from the dictyBase phenotype summary [27].