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Table 4 List of the heat tolerance genes, with significant (P <0.05 ) association between γ and the heat susceptibility index and a slope of |δ|>2 across inbred lines

From: Genome-wide expression profiling and phenotypic evaluation of European maize inbreds at seedling stage in response to heat stress

Gene identifier δ Biological function (Possible function found for Oryza sativa L. or Arabidopsis thaliana L. orthologs)
GRMZM2G385925 3.39 Kinesin heavy chain-like protein
GRMZM2G013478 2.41 Nucleoside diphosphate kinase
GRMZM2G076544 2.72 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
GRMZM2G018027 5.62 OXIDATIVE STRESS 3 (ATOXS3, A. thaliana best hit)
GRMZM2G179473 4.28 Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 3
GRMZM2G436710 7.09 Unknown
GRMZM2G074017 4.43 ATPase inhibitor
GRMZM2G430362 3.71 ATP-dependent RNA helicase SUV3
GRMZM2G537291 2.82 Uncharacterized protein
GRMZM2G324886 4.31 Unknown
GRMZM2G100403 2.80 Ribosomal protein L4/L1 family
GRMZM2G157019 2.16 Nucleosome/chromatin assembly factor A
GRMZM2G140609 3.47 40S ribosomal protein S23
GRMZM2G010743 3.59 Tim17/Tim22/Tim23/Pmp24 family
GRMZM2G148998 2.23 Unknown
GRMZM2G347808 2.02 RNA cap guanine-N2 methyltransferase
GRMZM2G060726 3.53 Transcriptional regulator
GRMZM2G173734 5.74 Protein phosphatase
GRMZM2G175019 3.39 Unknown
GRMZM2G384884 7.31 Cytochrome P450 (Phenol stress [32])
GRMZM2G460617 12.88 Unknown
GRMZM2G115658 10.01 Unknown
GRMZM2G094990 14.66 Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-psi beta-barrel
GRMZM2G371793 7.58 Uncharacterized protein
GRMZM2G175867 2.47 Putative DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase family protein
GRMZM2G035063 10.50 Chaperonin (Heat stress [33])
GRMZM2G316030 22.34 UDP-glucoronosyl and UDP-glucosyl transferase (Salinity stress [34])
GRMZM2G004036 35.26 Short-chain dehydrogenase (Metals and oxidizing chemicals and reduction of superoxide radicals [35], Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth infection [36], defoliation [37])
GRMZM2G041527 -2.84 Ribonucleases P/MRP protein subunit POP1
GRMZM2G099425 -3.44 Calcium-dependent protein kinase, isoform AK1
GRMZM2G036543 -2.81 Histidine biosynthesis protein
GRMZM2G051012 -9.69 Unknown
GRMZM2G110553 -11.06 Unknown
GRMZM2G136072 -3.29 Glyoxylate reductase
GRMZM2G172451 -2.56 Plant organelle RNA recognition domain
GRMZM2G024180 -2.19 RNI-like superfamily protein
GRMZM2G122277 -2.40 Cellulose synthase (locus rs129668732) (Salt stress [38])
GRMZM2G079281 -3.99 Unknown
GRMZM2G056407 -2.16 MYB family transcription factor