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Figure 3

From: Genome-wide identification and characterization of MADS-box family genes related to organ development and stress resistance in Brassica rapa

Figure 3

Chromosomal location of B. rapa MADS-box genes along ten (10) chromosomes. Respective chromosome numbers are written as A01 to A10 on the top of each chromosome. Different colors of gene name represent different groups (black: MIKCc, orange: MIKC*, blue: Mα, green: Mβ and red: Mγ). The positive (+) and negative (−) signs following each gene represent forward and reverse orientation of the respective gene. Genes lying on duplicated segments of genome are joined by black dotted lines. Tandemly duplicated genes are shown by blue vertical blue lines. Gene position and each chromosome size can be estimated using the scale (in Megabase; Mb) on the left of the figure.

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