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Figure 3

From: Divergences in gene repertoire among the reference Prevotella genomes derived from distinct body sites of human

Figure 3

Relative evolutionary divergence of Prevotella . (A) Neighbor Joining (NJ) tree based on 28 Prevotella and E. Coli 83972 (reference) 16S rRNA sequences, was constructed using MEGA 6 after 1000 bootstrap replications, (B) NJ Tree based on the binary gene presence/absence matrix of orthologous gene families of 28 Prevotella and 3 Bacteroides strains and (C) NJ tree based on core genome using 100 bootstrap replications. The bootstrap values are marked at the root of each branch of trees. The species names are colored according to their niches (brown: GIT, green: ORAL Cavity, purple: SKIN and blue: UGT).

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