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Table 2 Bacterial strains and plasmids used as references

From: Comprehensive molecular, genomic and phenotypic analysis of a major clone of Enterococcus faecalis MLST ST40

Strain MLST Resistance Plasmids Description References
E. faecalis:      
V583 CC2 (ST6) VAN, ERY, STR pTEF1, pTEF2 and pTEF3 ATCC700802; first sequenced E. faecalis genome [42]
MMH594 CC2 (ST6)    Contains the first identified complete PAI [14]
OG1RF ST1 RAM, FUS Plasmid-free ATCC 47077; mutant of OG1 [65]
E. faecium:      
64/3 ST21 RAM, FUS None Commensal isolate; standard recipient [52]
Staphylococcus aureus:      
NCTC8325     Size marker in PFGE  
    pAD1 Isolated from E. faecalis OG1::pAD1 [13]
   TET pCF10 Isolated from E. faecalis OG1::pCF10 [36]
   TET, CMP, ERY, STR pRE25 Isolated from E. faecalis RE25::pRE25 [101]
  1. CC, clonal complex; ST, sequence type; only antibiotic resistances relevant for this study are presented: CMP, chloramphenicol; ERY, erythromycin; FUS, fusidic acid; RAM, rifampicin; STR, streptomycin (high-level); TET, tetracycline; VAN, vancomycin.