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Table 4 Ecological effects of positively selected genes

From: Ecological genomics in Xanthomonas: the nature of genetic adaptation with homologous recombination and host shifts

Positively selected genes Selected lineage Related to host shift Related to homologous recombination Putative ecological effects
RpfB, RpfC (XCM0813, XCM0815) X. citri pv. citri Yes Yes Altering pathogenicity to favor exploration of different host
DsbD (XCM1788) I2 branch No Yes Increasing copper tolerance in escaping from copper-containing bactericides
PotG (XCM0993) X. citri pv. vesicatoria Yes Yes Reducing AMF colonization of host plant and increasing infectivity
BtuB (XCM3148) I1 branch (X. citri pv. mangiferaeindicae) Yes No Increasing iron uptake with host-shifting from citrus to mango
HrpF (XCM1612) I2, I3 branches Yes Yes Controlling invasive routes and host specificity of X. citri
EcpD (XCM0369) XCM-L No No Helping pili assembly and associating with virulence
XynA (XCM1323) I5 branch No No Breaking down xylan and causing virulence