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Table 2 Top 10 CpG sites with the largest Δβ between nonagenarians and young controls

From: Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome: genomic locations and effects on gene expression

ProbeID Gene betareg estimate betareg p-value Δβ Wilcoxon p-value
cg07211259 PDCD1LG2 -1.086 3.24E-30 -0.290 1.53E-10
cg18826637 na -1.280 2.23E-32 -0.289 1.53E-10
cg26063719 VIM -1.036 6.09E-25 -0.284 1.53E-10
cg08548498 SLPI -0.767 1.24E-15 -0.278 1.66E-10
cg19283806 CCDC102B -1.253 9.82E-47 -0.267 1.53E-10
cg13591783 ANXA1 -0.826 5.17E-22 -0.266 1.53E-10
cg27192248 na -1.246 2.57E-20 -0.265 1.59E-10
cg03274391 na -1.263 1.18E-15 -0.264 1.54E-10
cg23654401 VOPP1 -0.781 2.94E-16 -0.262 1.54E-10
cg26269881 BHLHE40 -1.005 4.25E-25 -0.261 1.53E-10
cg18952796 NPTX2 1.121 6.89E-26 0.264 1.56E-10
cg17688525 L3MBTL4 0.865 1.36E-11 0.265 5.86E-10
cg27526665 THRB 0.940 2.64E-22 0.266 2.0E-10
cg09555124 IGF2R 0.944 4.34E-23 0.277 1.53E-10
cg23160016 GABRA2 1.041 1.01E-17 0.277 2.49E-10
cg10568066 RNF39 0.973 4.68E-13 0.278 1.60E-8
cg04875128 OTUD7A 1.514 7.2E-58 0.279 1.53E-10
cg21402921 GABRA5 0.868 4.90E-17 0.285 5.58E-10
cg00674365 ZNF471 1.033 6.27E-24 0.288 3.65E-10
cg06352730 na 1.437 1.26E-23 0.288 1.76E-10
  1. CpG sites with the largest difference in the methylation level (Δβ) between nonagenarians and controls. To clarify, Δβ refers to difference in the median of DNA methylation values between nonagenarians and young controls (difference in β-value), whereas betareg estimate refers to the estimate obtained from a regression model termed beta regression. Thus the absolute value of betareg estimate and the absolute value of Δβ for a given CpG site are not directly comparable, only the signs of the values are.