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Table 7 Characteristics of ageing-associated methylation sites

From: Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome: genomic locations and effects on gene expression

  Hypermethylated Hypomethylated
n 3925 4615
CpG island location CpG islands Non-CGI
Genomic location TSS, 1st exon Gene body, outside genes
Associated genes 1832 2057
GO function terms 36 27
GO process terms 265 53
Canonical pathways (IPA) 19 3
Transcription factors 24 1
  1. The CpG island location and genomic location refer to the sites where hyper- and hypomethylated sites are most abundant. Notably, there are more hypomethylated CpG sites compared with hypermethylated CpG sites and therefore also more hypomethylation-associated genes, yet the hypermethylation-associated genes are enriched in more GO terms and canonical pathways, and they share more common transcription factors.