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Figure 2

From: Mitochondrial DNA and the Y chromosome suggest the settlement of Madagascar by Indonesian sea nomad populations

Figure 2

Map of Y chromosome F ST values obtained by pairwise comparison between Malagasy and Indonesian populations. Dark red shading corresponds to lower pairwise FST values between Malagasy and Indonesian populations (represented by black squares), and dark blue to higher FST values. Note: 2. Batak Toba, 3. Besemah, 4. Semende, 5. Nias, 6. Mentawai, 7. Lebbo’, 8. Ma’anyan, 10. EK Dayak, 11. Java, 12. Bali, 13. Mandar, 17. Bajo, 18. Sumba, 19. Flores, 20. Lembata, 22. Alor, 24. Maluku.

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