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Table 5 Genes discussed in the text correlated with sensitivity at harvest and during cold storage (cluster k-means 9)

From: Pre-symptomatic transcriptome changes during cold storage of chilling sensitive and resistant peach cultivars to elucidate chilling injury mechanisms

Function specific process Chillpeach ID Unigene annotation Arab AGI Arab gene symbol Hormone signaling Sugar signaling/ partioning Hormone and secondary metabolite biosynthesis regulation Cell wall and cytoesqueleton related Cell polarity
Cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis
Microtubule stability and organization PPN077E06 Microtubule-associated protein AT3G04630 WDL1     Negative regulator of microtubule structure and stability  
Protein degradation
Ubiquitin ligase E3 complex/ SFC-culin PPN032H05 Cullin AT4G02570 AXR6/CUL1 AUX nuclear signaling     
RNA transcription regulation
MYB-family PPN055C11 Sucrose responsive element binding protein AT5G67300 MYBR1/MYB44 ABA, AUX, ET Sucrose responsive element binding protein    
Signal transduction pathway
G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway/ G-protein complex PPN065B10 Guanine nucleotide binding protein (G-protein), alpha subunit family protein AT1G31930 XLG3 ABA, AUX, ET Sugar sensitivity    
Phosphorylation cascades/ MAPK PP1009F07 Trichoderma-induced protein kinase AT3G45640 MPK3 Positive regulation of ACS type I   Ethylene biosynthesis; positive regulation of ACS type I Pectin induced  
Phosphorylation cascades/ MAPKKK PPN071C11 protein kinase family protein/ankyrin repeat family protein AT1G14000 VIK AUX and BR signaling Sugar partioning and homeostasis   VN formation  
Phosphorylation cascades/ PP2A PPN014G07 Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit A beta isoform AT3G25800 PDF1/PP2AA2 Regulates PIN subcellular distribution     Cell polarity regulation
Trafficking machinery and membrane dynamics
CME;Vesicle coat/ clathrin coated vesicles PP1003H08 Putative Clathrin coat assembly protein AP50 AT5G46630 AP2M Regulates cellular AUX levels by controlling the abundance and distribution of PIN proteins at the PM    Regulates cellulose synthesis controlling the abundance and distribution of active CESA complexes at the PM Cell polarity regulation
Fatty acid biosyntheis PPN026B01 Carboxyl transferase alpha subunit AT2G38040 CAC3    Fatty acid biosynthesis   
Glycerolipid biosynthesis PPN008G03 Digalactosyldiacylglycerol synthase 1 AT3G11670 DGD1    Digalactosyl diacylglycerol biosynthesis   Polar targeting of proteins to the PM; Lipid microdomains
Glycerolipid metabolism PPN065F12 phosphatidic acid phosphatase-related/PAP2-related AT3G50920 LPPEPSILON1    Diacylglycerol biosynthesis   
Phospholipid biosynthesis PPN008H07 Putative phospholipid cytidylyltransferase AT2G38670 PECT1    Phosphoethanolamine biosynthesis   Polar targeting of proteins to the PM;Lipid microdomains
Trans-Golgi network transport vesicle/ COPI vesicles PPN002C04 ARF GTPase-activating domain-containing protein AT5G13300 VAN3/SFC required for either normal PIN1 cycling or for PID-directed efflux machinery relocation    Regulates formation of plant VN Cell polarity regulation
Carbohydrate transport PP1003F09 Integral membrane protein, AT1G75220 ERDL6   Sugar partioning and homeostasis    
Cl-channel PPN078A03 Cl-channel, voltage gated; IMP dehydrogenase related 1 AT5G33280 CLCG      
Na/ K antiporter PPN064A01 Na+/ H+ antiporter AT2G01980 SOS1      
Nitrate transport PPN024D02 Nitrate transporter NRT1-2 AT1G18880 NRT1.9      
Oligopepetide transport PPN005F03 Oligopeptide transporter 7 AT4G10770 OPT7      
  PPN064F08 POT family, putative AT1G59740 NRT1/NPF4.3      
Unknown transporter PPN066F09 Putative integral membrane protein AT5G19980 GONST4   Sugar partioning and homeostasis   Is probably involved in the provision of GDP- sugars into the Golgi for CW polysaccharide synthesis such as RG-II and XyG  
Unknown function
Unknown interferon protein PPN065A05 Interferon-related developmental regulator family protein AT1G27760 SAT32 ABA     
Unkown Zinc finger RING-like PP1003D02 Ubiquitin ligase AT3G23280 XBAT35 ET regulation ABA, AUX Glucose    
  1. Abbreviations: AUX:auxin; ET; ethylene; ABA: Abcisic acid; PM:plasma membrane;CW: cell wall; SCW: secondary cell wall; ER: endoplasmic reticulum; MVB/LE:microvesicular body/late endosome; TGN/EE:trans-golgy network/early endosome; VSR:vacuolar sorting receptors VN:vascular networks; PA: proanthocyanines; PIN; PIN formed auxin efflux carrier; RG:rhamnogalacturonan; XyG:xyloglucan.
  2. References supporting information in Table 5 are provided in Additional file 8: Table S7.