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Table 3 WRKY orthologs in S. miltiorrhiza and Arabidopsis

From: Molecular cloning and expression analysis of WRKY transcription factor genes in Salvia miltiorrhiza

SmWRKYs Putative Arabidopsis orthologs Phylogenetic group in the NJ tree
SmWRKY55 AtWRKY44 Group 1
SmWRKY54 AtWRKY3/AtWRKY4 Group 1
SmWRKY53 AtWRKY20 Group 1
SmWRKY51/SmWRKY2 AtWRKY33 Group 1
SmWRKY28 AtWRKY32 Out of group 1
SmWRKY34/SmWRKY58 AtWRKY40 Group 2a
SmWRKY59 AtWRKY72 Group 2b
SmWRKY57 AtWRKY23 Group 2c
SmWRKY12 AtWRKY12 Group 2c
SmWRKY19 AtWRKY13 Group 2c
SmWRKY47 AtWRKY49 Group 2c
SmWRKY49 AtWRKY39 Group 2d
SmWRKY56 AtWRKY29 Group 2e
SmWRKY40 AtWRKY35/AtWRKY14 Group 2e
SmWRKY8 AtWRKY27 Group 2e
SmWRKY45 AtWRKY55 Group 3
SmWRKY16 AtWRKY30 Group 3