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Figure 6

From: Whole-genome analysis of Fusarium graminearum insertional mutants identifies virulence associated genes and unmasks untagged chromosomal deletions

Figure 6

Coverage histogram of reads mapped to the inserted plasmid in the four mutants. Rows are: (1) TP11.1 (2) DAF139 (3) DAF140 and (4) DAF141. The experimentally obtained plasmid average read coverage \( \left(\overline{\mathrm{X}}\right) \) for each mutant is given on the far right. The reference genome read coverage for TP11.1 is 86.6. Row 5 depicts the genetic elements of the insertion plasmid. (A) trpC promoter, (B) hygromycin-phosphotransferase, (C) F1 origin of replication, (D) ampicillin and (E) E. coli oriC.

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