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Figure 7

From: Whole-genome analysis of Fusarium graminearum insertional mutants identifies virulence associated genes and unmasks untagged chromosomal deletions

Figure 7

Random data sampling to determine the minimal genome coverage required for insertion point characterisation in F. graminearum strain TP11 . 1. (Aa-Ac) Sampling 1 with three reduced data replicates of 10% each. The deletion sequence between 5′ and 3′ read stacks is represented with an arrow in Aa. (Ba-Bc) Sampling 2 replicates with 25% of data. (Ca-Cc) Sampling 3 replicates with 50% of data. The average coverage for each data set in A, B and C at the insertion region is 10, 24, and 48 respectively. The original data set had an approximate coverage of 86.

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