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Table 2 Summary of de novo assembly

From: Identification of hydroxy fatty acid and triacylglycerol metabolism-related genes in lesquerella through seed transcriptome analysis

  Isogroups Isotigs Singletons
Number 26,995 38,002 21,912
Average contig count 1.7 2.132  
Largest contig count 2,257 16  
Number with one contig 22,649 22,994  
Average isotig count 1.4   
Largest isotig count 97   
Number with one isotig 22,698   
Number of bases (nt)   37,527,552  
Average isotig size (bp)   987.515  
N50# isotig size (bp)   1,310  
Largest isotig size (bp)   11,074  
  1. The number of valid singleton after SeqClean and Lucy.
  2. #The half size of all bases reside in isotigs.