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Table 1 Genetic characterization and copy number analysis of the major oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes involved in UBC cell lines

From: The UBC-40 Urothelial Bladder Cancer cell line index: a genomic resource for functional studies

Name Source Grade Sex FGFR3 PIK3CA HRAS KRAS2 NRAS TERT INK4A CN status TP53 (Mutation/CN) Genome instability group
253J UCC G4 F WT1,4 E545G2,4 WT4 WT1 WT4 WT11 HD 1,4 WT/N3 Intermediate
5637 UCC G2 M WT1,4 WT1,4 WT1,4 WT4 WT1 Mut11 WT1,4 c.839G > C/N1,2,3 Intermediate
575A UCC G3 M WT1,4 WT4      WT WT/LOH1 Intermediate
639V UCC G3 M WT1,4/R248C2 A1066V1,2,4 WT1,4 WT1/G12D2 WT1/H131R2 Mut11 LOH4 c.743G > A/N1,2,3 High
92-1 UCC G3 F WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11,12 WT6,4 cd 158, 162, 228, 280 & 294/N6,8 Intermediate
96-1 UCC G2/3 M WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11,12 HD6 cd 175/N6,8 Intermediate
97-1 UCC G1/2 M WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT11 HD6 WT/LOH6,8 LOW
97-18 UCC G3 Y WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11,12 LOH4 cd 220/LOH8 High
97-24   G3 Y WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11,12 WT4 cd 275/N8 High
97-7 UCC G2/3 Y S249C1 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11 WT4 cd 128/N8 High
BC61 UCC G2 Y G372C4,10 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4   WT4 WT/N Low
HT1197 UCC G4 M S249C1,4 E545K1,4 WT1,4 WT1 WT1/Q61R4 Mut11,12 WT1 WT1/c.1094A- > G3  
HT1376 UCC G3 F WT1,4 WT1,4 WT1,4 WT1 WT1 Mut11 WT1,4 c.749C > T/LOH1,2,3 Low
HU456   G1 M    WT4 G12S4 WT4 WT12 HD4 WT/N7 Intermediate
J82 EC G3 M WT1/K652E2,4 P124L1,2,4 WT1,4 WT1 WT1 Mut11 WT1,4 c.960G- > C&c.820G- > T&c.811G- > A&c.783_919del137/N1,2,3 Intermediate
JON UCC    WT1/S249C1 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11/WT12   Mut4  
KK47   G1 M    WT4 WT4 WT4 WT12 WT4 N High
LGWO1 G600     WT1,4 WT4 WT4 G12C4 WT4 WT12 HD4 LOH Low
MGH-U3 UCC G1 M Y375C4/Y373C1 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11,12 HD4 WT/N4 Low
MGH-U4 focal severe urothelial atypia G1 M WT1,4 H1047R4     Mut12 HD4 WT/N4 Low
PSI UCC G3 M    WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12   WT7  
RT112 UCC G2 F WT1,2,4/Amp4 /FGFR3-TACC3 fusion 13 WT1,4 WT1,4 WT1 WT1 Mut11,12 HD1,4 c.743G > A&c.548C- > G/LOH1,2,3 Low
RT4 UCC G1 M WT1,4/Amp4/FGFR3-TACC3 fusion 13 WT1 WT WT1 WT1 Mut11,12 HD1,4 WT/LOH1,3 Low
SCaBER SCC   M WT1,2,4 WT WT4 WT4 WT1 Mut11,12 LOH4 c.329G > T/LOH2,3 Intermediate
SW-1710 UCC   F WT1,2,4 WT1,4 WT1,4 WT1 WT Mut11,12 HD1 c.817C > T/LOH1,2,3 High
SW-800 UCC   M WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12 HD4 WT/N4 Low
SW-850     WT4 WT4 G12V4 WT4 WT4     
SW-780 UCC G1 F WT1,2/S773F2 /FGFR3-BAIAP2L1 fusion 13 WT1, WT1 WT1 WT1 Mut12 HD4 WT/N1 Low
T24 EC G3 F WT1,4 WT1,4 G12V1,4 WT1 WT1 Mut11,12 WT1/LOH4 c.378C > G/N1,3 Low
TCCSUP UCC G4 F WT1,4 E545K1 WT1,4 WT1 WT1 Mut11,12 WT1 c.1045G > T/LOH1,3 Intermediate
UM-UC-1 UCC-LN G2 M WT1 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4   HD4 c.454C- > T/LOH2,3,5 Intermediate
UMUC- 2 UCC CIS M WT1      Mut12   WT5  
UM-UC-3 UCC   M WT1,4 WT1,4 WT1,4 G12C1,2,4 WT1 Mut11 HD1/WT4 c.338 T > G/N1,3,5,9 High
UM-UC-4 UCC-LC   F WT4 WT4      WT4 LOH High
UM-UC-5    F WT4 E545K4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12 HD4 LOH Intermediate
UM-UC-6 UCC   M WT1/R248C4 E545K4 WT4     HD4 WT/LOH1,5,9 Low
UM-UC-7    M WT4 WT4 WT4    Mut12 WT4 LOH Intermediate
UM-UC-9 UCC    WT4 WT4 WT4    Mut12 LOH4 Mut/LOH5,9 Intermediate
UM-UC-10 UCC    WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12   Mut5  
UM-UC-11 UCC    WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12 HD4 WT/N5 High
UM-UC-12 UCC   Y WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4   WT4 N High
UM-UC-13 UCC-LN   Y WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12 LOH4 Mut/N5 High
UM-UC-14 UCC   Y S249C1 WT4     Mut11,12 HD4 Mut/LOH5,9 Low
UM-UC-15 UCC    Y375C4 E545K4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut12    
UM-UC-17     S249C4 WT4      HD4 LOH Intermediate
UM-UC-18     WT4 WT4 Q61K4 WT4 WT4 Mut12 WT4 N High
VM-CUB-1 EC G2 M WT1 WT1/E542K + E674Q2 WT1 WT1 WT1 Mut11,12 c.322G > C1/LOH4 c.524G > A&c.378C- > G/LOH1,23 High
VM-CUB-2 EC   M WT1,4 WT4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11 HD1,4 c.473G- > T&c.488A- > G/LOH3 High
VM-CUB-3 EC G3 M WT1,4 E545K4 WT4 WT4 WT4 Mut11 HD4 c.833C- > T/N3 Low
  1. All TERT mutations were -124 bp(G > A) except the line marked as #-57 bp(T > G).
  2. Amp, amplification; WT, wild type; Mut, mutant; LOH, loss of heterozygosity; HD, homozygous deletion; N, copy number neutral; Y, Y chromosome detected.
  3. 1COSMIC database; 2CCLE database; 3IARC database1, COSMIC database; 2, CCLE database; 3, IARC database; 4our data; 5Specific TP53 mutation is not specified. [35]; 6 TP53 mutation determined by expression analysis [36]; 7[45]; 8specific mutation not reported [46], 9[47]; 10[48]; 11[49]. 12[13]. 13[17].