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Table 1 Relative expression stabilities of seven candidate reference genes from prokaryotic cells according to Bestkeeper, NormFinder, and GeNorm

From: Dual 3’Seq using deepSuperSAGE uncovers transcriptomes of interacting Salmonella enterica Typhimurium and human host cells

Evaluation method Candidate reference gene stability*
Bestkeeper trmA , nagD , ndh , rpoD , ygfE, rpsO, rpsT
NormFinder rpoD , ndh , nagD , trmA , ygfE, rpsO, rpsT
GeNorm trmA / nagD , ndh , rpoD , ygfE, rpsO, rpsT
  1. *Gene stability decreasing from left to right; the employed reference genes for quantification of the time-dependent expression from prokaryotic transcripts are indicated by bold letters.
  2. Please consult the text for more information.